Hartford Rustic Birch Briarwood
Windsor Birch Mocha
Camden Birch Stone
Hartford Birch Sienna
Windsor Rustic Birch Golden
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BriarwoodGolden     Stone
Hartford Rustic Birch Chestnut

La Costa Cabinet Selections

When making your cabinet selection, you will be choosing the stain color, door style, wood species and handle or knob.  Please note that some selections are an upgrade.  Before approval you will receive notification of the upgraded price.

Camden Birch Stone

Door Style

Hartford StyleCamden StyleWindsor Style
Hartford Rustic Birch Briarwood
Windsor Birch Mocha
Hartford Rustic Birch Briarwood

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Windsor Rustic Birch Golden
Wood Species

Rustic BirchBirch
Rustic Birch will vary in color tones from light tan to reddish brown, creating some color variation when finished.  Rustic Birch will also have large knots, pin knots and sap streaks, mineral streaks.
Birch is a smooth, even grained hardwood that is predominantly off-white with some brown variation giving it a calico appearance.  Birch will not have any knots in it.  

There is an upgrade for this wood species.